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Film and Theater Resume






   Fluent in English, French and Italian

   Some spoken German and Spanish



              " Foundation theater class" at MSOPA with Dale Hayes summer 2011

         “Working as a Technician for film ” workshop at Que. syndicate for technicians  2002

             Acting workshop with Bobo Vian at New  Actors Workshop ( July 2001)

         Workshop by Benson Simmonds based on techniques by Ivana Chubbuck ( Jan. 2001)

        Followed clown workshop by Renald Laurin , voice workshop with Nancy   Helms(2000)                               

           Followed 3 Meisner Acting Workshops given by J. McClintock (1999-2000)

 In possession of the Enpals booklet and was registered at Employment centre for the                Performing Arts in Italy.

   Learned Italian diction at the “Let Em In” theatre workshop of Rome

   Transferred to Rome to teach and learn acting at the drama school of Mrs. L. Bramante.

   College diploma and B.Sc. degree in the biological sciences form Concordia University.



              Produced, wrote  and directed Birthday Boy Eats Cake 2006

          Co-produced , designed set and storyboard for Chapter One 2005

              Played Evil and directed Circle Dance play, Sept (2005)

              Played a Man in Black, S. Jestrovic’s play for  Teesri Dunyia, Noah’s Arc 747 Oct (2002)

              Played Polonius in Hamlet for the Beyond the Cubicle Prod. Feb (2002)

              Acted in “All My Sons” directed by L. Barratt, as Frank, for Lakeshore Players (2001)

              Did Commercial for la Cuisine Pinard in July 2001

              Coordinator for Quebec Drama Federation 1998-1999

               Puppet Master for Clessidra Theatre Company (1994) 

  Worked for the “Dragonfly” theatre group of Rome and in classical and modern plays from       “Penelope”(1986) to “ to Buy or Not to Buy” (1994) choreographed and directed by Gaby Ford.



         Acted in the Following Films and Videos:


                              " Too Tall" dir by Ivan Peric as Mr. Bates, Oct 2011

                              " Bloody Bernhard" dir by Anthony Sarocco as Hans, Sept 2011

                              " Dirty Games" mv by James Kinistino  as pianist, August 2011

                               "Revolution" by Anoop Rangi as communist, July 2011

                               “Stalled”dir. By Martin Berardelli as Old Man, Nov 2009


                                “Fast Forward” dir. by David Ouillet, as Donald, Oct 2009


                              “ Broken “ dir. by Celinka Serre, indep prod. as a lawyer, Oct 2009


                             “Cyrius” Trebas Institute film, directed by  JF. Clavet , August 2009


                            “The Will” reality TV re-enactment by CMJ productions, July 2009


                              Appeared in a Pilot Speed music video as an Italian futurist, Feb. 2009


                          “A Very Simple Story”Can. version by M.Dansky for M. Mazzini Jan. 2009


                        “ Martin Minute” dir by D. Brouillette , Watchmojo prod. Apr. 2008


                          “ L’Auberge Rouge” dir by J.F. Brisson Mar 2008


                           “ Armagenisis” dir Van Royko May 2007


                          “Accident Investigation II” dir by Julien Elie, CMJ prod, Aug 2006


                           “Gino” indep by Benoit Desjardins,  Aug 2006


                           “Birthday Boy Eats Cake” by M. Dansky, Apr 2006


                          “Mind Games” by JF. Leduc, Apr 2006


                          “La Sommeil de la Raison ” indep Christian Maltais, Sept.2005


                        “La Marque”  indep Eagle Eye Productions, August 2005 as sect leader


                      “Transit” by Sam  Zeda indep Dreamgate Production, July 2005 as doctor


                      “Escape” by Lev Shoykhet indep N.Y., Dec 2004 as first policeman


                      “Tab” by  Joe Milan indep Nov 2004 (Indep)as landlord


                    “ Waiting Room “ Endorphin prod, dir by Jon Deitcher, Aug 2004 as Abraham


                   “Edmund”  Indep by  Erahm Macado, Jan  2004 as salesman


                  "Room 66" Indep by Davide Aubin, Nov 2003 as  Bruce


                   "One Degree" Indep directed by Mike Fleisch, Oct 2003 as prof  Tom


                  “Being Eric” Indep directed by Thomas Levan, Sept   2003 as teacher


                  “Le Regarde” directed by Aziz Elgehety , August 2003, as father


                “Ex Profundis” by Videographe production, dir. By Christian Maltais, July 2003


                  “Le Bonimenteur” Indep by Kyril Dube, June 2003 as neighbour


                 “ L’Appat” Alex Lambert, May 2003 as unknown man


                “L’Homme aux rats” Indep Prod by A. St Maur April 2003 as presidential aide


               “Vicious Bad Boys”  by CutLoose Entertainment, March 2003 as  Don Carlo


                “Fight the Club” by Nick Wilson (Indep. Prod) Nov.2002 as Phil


               “Au pays des Aveugles” by Seydou Kane (Indep. Prod) Sept 2002 as a beggar


              “L’Autre Cote” by Marcos Benvenuto (Indep. Prod) August 2002 as a janitor


             “Dinner with Neitsche” by Lisa Normandale (Indep. Prod) April 2002 as Neitsche


              “Temps Pleins” by Alex Mailhot (Indep. Prod) July 2002 as the homeless man


              “Sister-in Law” by Mark Fleish (University of Boston) March 2002 as father


             “Filicide ” by Joel Montanez (Concordia Univ.) January2001 as Drago


             “Solitude” par Natasha Paris (Concordia Univ.) February 2001 as  doctor


            “Cures of the Southern North” by Joel Montanez, Sept.2001, as school principal.


            “Serial Post-It” by Antoine St. Maur (Univ. of Montreal) Oct 2001, as Thomas


             “Stretch Marks” by Maya Cohen(Univ. of New York)Oct 2001 as barman


             “Animal Farm” by Nader Dolatshahi (Independent) Oct.2000


   “ The Death of Lysanda” by Brent Marale (Concordia Univ.) (1999)


     “Oligopoly” by Doug Patterson (Indep. Prod.) 1999 as Big Daddy


     “SPQR” an Italian situation comedy (1997)


     “Songs of Maldoror” by Kadour Naimy (1997)


             “Mancanza D’Amore” by Alessandro Stefanelli (1994)


              “Due Donne Contro” by Luciano Oderisio (1993)


              “La Ragnatella di Silenzio” by E. Sama (1992)


    “Il Barone” directed by Richard Hefron and Enrico Mario Salerno (1992)


              “Frankenstein 2000" by A. Massacesi (Joe D’Amato)(1992)


             “Voyage of Terror” by Alberto Negrin as Egyptian diplomat(1989)


                “Blue Tornadoes” by Antonio Bido (1990)


                “Adventures of Baron Muchausen” directed by Terry Gilliam (1987)


                “Big Top” with Pee Wee Herman (voice back)


                “Rent A Cop” with Liza Minelli (1987)








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